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    Medical Controller

    Integrating the operating theatre controls on a single platform is simple to deploy and sell with Entoli™. We will support
    your Entoli™ integration projects with partial and total professional solutions. Discover the ways we can work together!


Licensing Options


A simple licence for video switching & routing and cameras control.

Smart Integration

This licence builds upon the Video Only App with lighting control, basic video conferencing, music and timer controls.



An add-on licence for image capture (up to 4K) with foot pedal or endoscope buttons. Functionality allows for editing, deleting and archiving files.


Video Conference Module

Additional licence for professional video conferencing with permission control included. Invitations and scheduling can be done directly from the operating room.

Swab & Tool

Additional functionality to count and track use of swabs and tools. Item lists can be edited in the cloud or locally. If the Recording Module is deployed, the Swab & Tool reports can be attached to the EPR.

Surgical Checklist

Surgical Checklist Module

Add-on feature to operate the WHO surgical checklist electronically. Checklist items are edited in the cloud or locally. If the Recording Module is deployed, surgical checklists can be attached to the EPR.


Multiple OR video feeds can be controlled and streamed. PIP, PBB, Quad and other layout settings possible. The module also includes audio control to and from the operating theatre as well as control of large-format screens.


Sensor Data Analysis Module

Users can collect and save data from operating room sensors (such as temperature, lighting intensity and others). Charted data can be viewed locally and saved in the cloud (dashboard view). If the Recording Module is deployed, sensor data reports can be attached to the EPR.

Professional Services For Partners

Construction Firms

Are you looking for trusted AV experts for a new OR build or an operating theatre retrofit project? We can support you from the onset of an operating room control project with:

  • OR cabling infrastructure design and configuration.
  • Turnkey Entoli™ Control Platform installation – we design, tender and deliver a full project installation for operating theatres of any size.
  • Installation support including technical guidance, project management and hardware configuration.
  • Once Entoli™ is live on-site, we will continuously provide remote support, software updates and on-demand real time support by an experienced engineer.

Installation Partners

We help our installation partners implement software control (Entoli™ Control Platform) and hardware audio visual solutions in a variety of ways. From supply-only to full support, we can assist you in delivering successful projects that will delight your medical end users. Our partner offer can be a combination or all of:

  • Entoli™ core licence and additional module licences. 
  • Pre-sales support and design
  • Complete pre-installation configuration where we pre-configure and ship your selected equipment for a simple “plug-and-play”installation.
  • Supply of medically-approved pre-configured hardware
  • Installation support
  • On-site and remote support after project completion

How does Entoli work?

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