Delivering Integrated AV Control for a Military Hospital in Pakistan

Client Profile:

The client is a leading military hospital located in Pakistan. This healthcare institution sought to upgrade their operating rooms (ORs) and seminar room with advanced AV solutions to improve surgical procedures and facilitate training. The project required remote support and project management from the UK, as well as collaboration with a local partner.

The Challenge:

The military hospital required an installation of an audio and video system primarily for training purposes. They sought an innovative solution that would allow for low latency video feed from minimally invasive surgeries to be displayed on monitors and routed to a control room or a seminar room. The project’s primary challenges involved logistical constraints due to the geographical distance and the necessity for a partner to conduct the installation in Pakistan.

The Solution:

Entoli Medical, in partnership with a local provider, embarked on this project to deliver a fitting solution. The system involved three operating rooms and a seminar room.

The installation included multiple monitors in the OR for minimally invasive surgeries. The low latency video feed could be shown on these monitors and also piped out to the control room or seminar room. This ensured that surgical procedures could be observed and studied in real-time, enhancing the hospital’s training capacities.

An Operating Department Area Network (ODAN) was installed. This enabled video and audio calls between theatres, encouraging real-time consultation and learning.

What made this project unique was the method of delivery. Due to geographical constraints, the system was assembled and tested in the UK. Once assured of its functionality, it was labelled and shipped to Pakistan, ready for installation by the local partner.

Throughout the process, Entoli Medical provided remote project management support and configuration, ensuring that despite the distance, the system was installed correctly and functioned as intended.

The Results:

The successful installation of Entoli significantly improved the training capacities of the military hospital, allowing them to observe and learn from surgeries in real-time, with excellent video and audio quality.

This case study showcases Entoli Medical’s capability to provide expert solutions even in challenging circumstances, thanks to our comprehensive remote project management and flexibility in working with local partners. The military hospital’s decision to engage Entoli Medical demonstrates their trust in the company’s ability to deliver, even from afar, a testament to Entoli Medical’s commitment to our clients.

This project also highlights Entoli Medical’s successful approach to working with local partners, ensuring that our solution can be installed and function optimally in various parts of the world. This unique approach to project delivery has undoubtedly expanded Entoli Medical’s reach and impact in the global healthcare sector.

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