Implementing An Integrated AV Solution in Operating Theatres for a Hospital in Northern England

Client Profile:

The client is a large hospital located in the north of England. The hospital embarked on a multi-phase project to upgrade its operating room AV technology and improve operational efficiency. The project was led by the estates manager, with collaboration from the main contractor and the IT department.

The Challenge:

The hospital sought to enhance its surgical and teaching capacities across its operating rooms (ORs), requiring an advanced AV system that would allow staff to share and control video within and between theatres, and stream images outside of the operating theatre.

The Solution:

Entoli Medical was selected to deliver this ambitious project. The project was split into several phases, beginning with the upgrade of eight operating theatres, followed by two more and with work slated to complete next year on a further three theatres, making a total of 13 theatres.

The upgrade involved equipping each theatre with between two and five monitors, one of which was a large screen mounted on the wall. The input sources included various HDMI inputs, a PACS computer and an endoscope/laparoscope.

To facilitate live streaming of surgeries and teaching, Entoli Medical installed a control room. This enabled the OR staff to build multi-view windows and send the video out to a call. Importantly, the control of video sharing remained with the OR staff, who could stop sharing at any time, thereby maintaining privacy and control.

Each OR was fitted with a Sony professional PTZ camera, which was controlled via a tablet. The routing of the video was also managed from the tablet. Some theatres were also equipped with lamphead cameras to provide a clear view of surgical procedures to the entire team and to prevent unnecessary crowding around the operating table.

Additionally, Entoli Medical established an Operating Department Area Network (ODAN). This network used fibre optic cables to link each theatre to a central location, enabling the routing of latency-free 4K, uncompressed video from one theatre to another. This allowed for real-time consultation and collaboration between different ORs.

The Results:

The AV solutions provided by Entoli Medical dramatically improved the hospital’s ability to conduct surgeries and training sessions. The OR staff are able to share video within and outside the hospital, streamlining their teaching and consultation processes. The new technology was also beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allowed for smaller teams in the OR, reducing the risk of virus transmission.

The successful implementation of phase one led to the hospital commissioning additional phases of the project, a clear testament to their satisfaction with the services provided by Entoli Medical. The hospital’s investment of £1.3 million into the upgrade project demonstrated their commitment to improving their OR technology and their trust in Entoli Medical’s ability to deliver.

This case study illustrates Entoli Medical’s ability to deliver complex, integrated AV solutions in a hospital setting, and their commitment to working closely with clients to meet their specific needs and improve their operating capacities.

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