A New Hospital in Dubai Gets Integrated AV Control in Operating Rooms

Client Profile:

The client is a new investment-led hospital situated in Dubai. As part of the hospital’s development, they sought to integrate advanced AV solutions into two operating rooms (ORs), creating an environment conducive to improved surgical outcomes and training possibilities.

The Challenge:

The hospital’s main requirement was the implementation of a simple, low latency video system and voice intercom in two ORs, to connect with a reviewing gallery. This technology was intended to enhance surgical procedures and facilitate real-time reviews and training.

The Solution:

Entoli Medical, with its vast experience in delivering advanced AV control, was chosen for this significant project. Entoli Medical took on a larger role in the project than initially planned.

The solution installed included low latency video systems in each OR and a voice intercom system to communicate with the reviewing gallery. This set-up allowed surgical procedures to be observed in real-time, enhancing the training capacity of the hospital and facilitating prompt feedback.

Additionally, the team integrated surgical light control and general light control into the ORs, adding another layer of functional control for the surgical team.

The installed system was based on Entoli’s standard platform. While the User Experience (UX) elements were tailored to the needs of the hospital, the core system remained as designed, without the need for any custom code. This approach ensured the solution was reliable and retained its certification as a medical product.

The Results:

Entoli Medical successfully installed the AV systems in the new hospital’s ORs. This significantly improved the capacity of the hospital to conduct and review surgeries in real-time, enhancing their overall operational effectiveness and training capabilities.

This project showcases Entoli Medical’s flexibility and commitment to our clients, as seen in their ability to adjust to unforeseen circumstances and still deliver to the client’s satisfaction. Our role in this project further consolidates our position as a reliable partner in the global healthcare sector, capable of delivering certified medical products that enhance the functionality and efficiency of any healthcare setting.

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